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As a part of our technical capabilities, we also provide a list of materials and the specifications of the PCB, as well as its components and assembly.

Over the years, Creative Hi-Tech Ltd. (CHTL) has earned the trust of various industrial customers by creating custom PCB assemblies of high quality. We have been able to achieve this due to our flexibility to take up any kind of PCB requirement. This can include a concept that requires design and assembly support, a schematic with Gerber file requirements, or even complete PCB production from design to delivery. We are able to accomplish this due to our extensive knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment, and other high quality resources.   


One resource that we focus on immensely is manufacturing materials. We spare no expense to utilize industrial grade materials for every assignment. The use of high quality materials supports the performance and longevity of our printed circuit boards in eclectic industrial applications. Given below is a list of the primary materials that we work with regularly.

  • FR-4: An extremely popular PCB material, this is a glass-reinforced epoxy laminate, constructed using woven fiberglass, and a flame retardant resin binder. The binder is the reason for the name ‘FR’. As a material, FR-4 is an excellent electrical insulator, and possesses immense mechanical strength. It is also known for its slow moisture absorption capabilities, and good fabrication characteristics.
  • FR-5: This is a thermosetting fiberglass composite. It comprises continuous filament glass material, and an epoxy resin binder. FR-5 is known for its chemical resistance, low moisture absorption capabilities, immense strength, and excellent electrical properties.
  • CEM-1: This material is a part of the group Composite Epoxy Materials (CEM). The group consists of non-woven glass cores, epoxy synthetic resins, and woven glass fabric. This type is chosen as it is inexpensive, and flame retardant.
  • CEM-3: Another type of composite epoxy material, CEM-3 is flame retardant, and is very similar to FR-4.
  • Copper: Generally, copper is chosen as the primary material to create single and multiple layers in a PCB. As a metal, copper provides benefits of high strength levels, low chemical reactivity, and high thermal and electrical conductivity.
  • Rogers: Also known as RF, Rogers is best known for its compatibility with FR-4 laminates. It provides benefits of high thermal conductivity, controlled impedance, and allows for easy lead-free circuit board processing.
  • High Tg: High Tg stands for high glass transition temperature. This material is an excellent choice for PCBs that are used in demanding applications. The Tg material is known for its high temperature durability, as well as long delamination durability.
  • Aluminum: This is another popular material, as aluminum is used to prevent copper circuit pattern layers from overheating. Aluminum is primarily chosen for its immense ability to dissipate heat quickly. It is a ductile and malleable metal, and has excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Halogen Free Aluminum: This metal is an option when a customer requires eco-friendly PCBs for an application. Halogen free aluminum is known for its improved dielectric constant, as well as moisture diffusivity.
At CHTL, we have the capability to assemble printed circuit boards using a variety of materials. Our printed circuit board products and processes comply with the regulations of IPC, and RoHS. If you would like to know more details about our product assembly offerings, please contact us.     

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