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Military grade printed circuit boards are known for their high reliability, and contribute to the long service life of electronic products under extreme conditions.

Creative Hi-Tech Ltd. provides military grade PCBs for ground activities, aviation, defense, and naval applications as well as space weapons.

We offer complete turnkey, PCB design and assembly solutions for various electronic products used in military applications.


Our in-depth knowledge of various military application requirements allows us to assemble PCBs made from different composites, materials, and substrates. Every PCB assembly job at Creative Hi-Tech goes through a detailed inspection process that includes circuit board testing, component inspection, functional testing, and even manual inspection, if required.


Our state-of-the-art facility and advanced equipment are capable of assembling PCB components needed for the most demanding military applications. Our solutions for the military industry include:

  • Multi-layer PCBs
  • Rigid and flex circuits
  • Quick turn PCB assembly
  • Lead free PCB assembly
  • Custom PCB design


Following are some of the example of military-related products and applications that our products and services are commonly used in:

  • Power supplies
  • Power converters 
  • Temperature sensors
  • LED lighting systems
  • Control tower systems
  • Auxiliary Power Units
  • Cross targeting systems
  • Sensors and radar modules
  • Audio interface applications
  • Automatic jamming systems
  • Missiles and guided weapons
  • Radio communication systems
  • Command and control systems
  • Military imaging equipment and cameras

If you wish to know more about our printed circuit board assembly services for the military industry, contact us via phone or email. We also provide quotes according to the specifications after discussing your requirements. Contact us via phone at 224-653-4000, or email your specifications to sales@creativehitech.com.

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