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Light-emitting diodes, abbreviated as LEDs, have gained immense popularity across several industries owing to the beneficial features that they offer. The advantages of LEDs include high energy efficiency, longer lifespan, low power consumption, and many more. Printed circuit boards (PCBs) have been used in distinct electronic devices, and they are now integral to LEDs too. LEDs are embedded in the PCBs and feature the chip that lightens up as the electric circuit is connected. Being one of the leading manufacturers of LED PCBs, Creative Hi-Tech promises the fastest turnaround times on every LED PCBs. We are a trusted name in the US for anyone needing an LED PCB assembly. We also offer these circuit boards in custom specifications to suit the demands of LED manufacturers.


As one of the most trustworthy LED PCB manufacturers, we help our clients materialize the most difficult designs into reality. The following important capabilities allow us to stay true to our unwavering commitment of delivering the accurate order.


In recent times, LED PCBs are commonly used in several lighting applications owing to their beneficial features. The following are some of the important ones that have contributed to their popularity.


At Creative Hi-Tech, we offer LED PCB assembly for applications across industries. The following are some important once.

Being a reliable LED PCB assembly manufacturer in the US, we take pride in delivering high-quality, performance-driven LED printed circuit boards in the market. At Creative Hi-Tech, we value our clients than anything else. Our experts personally interact with clients to clearly understand their requirements. They not only assist you in the selection process, but are also involved in every steps of the printed circuit board design from conceptualization to manufacturing and deployment. Our intense passion for PCBs and their technologies, and vast experience across several industries have raised us as one of the most reliable, trustworthy LED PCB assembly manufacturers in the US.   

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